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Only in fairy tales do snakes talk to humans:
Genesis 3:4 If you think that it is only a metaphor think again:
Genesis 3:14 A god that talks to a talking snake... What a pile of rubbish!

Embrace Humanism not irrational beliefs.

The cultural roots of the Western World are the Greco-Roman legacy not Middle Eastern fairy tales.

Equal rights for women not polygamous patriarchs.

And if you think that Christianity contributed to European civilization think again: the New Testament is Greek Humanism in action (Hellenism, Stoicism, Epicureanism, etc.) not an eye for an eye Judaism.

The Old Testament is a work of fiction by King Josiah's hillbilly scribes. Don't expect to find democracy or human rights there but much authoritarianism especially from an immanent, interventionist and partisan god that resorts to throwing rocks (at least Zeus threw thunderbolts!) on the enemies of its Chosen People.

It should be obvious how inadequate the Torah is as a religious text. That supposed sacred text is full of anti humanity (slavery, servitude, polygamy, collective punishments, guilt by association, cruelty to children and animals, misogyny, ethnic cleansing, graphic and gratuitous violence, etc...)

Those Old Testament's tall tales may have worked centuries ago before archaeology came on its own but now especially after 60+ years of furious archaeology by the Israelis has found nothing, zilch, nada about Abraham, Moses and slavery in Egypt.

On the other hand: Why shouldn't the truth be known?

A computational analysis of the King James Version (KJV) and American Standard Version (ASV) Bibles shows how ill-suited the Old Testament is to be the base of any religion. Killing as a context, for instance, outmatches a love context (see A computational analysis of the KJV and ASV).

It is obvious what we have now is not working very well. Over two thousand years of organized religions have failed to rein in mankind's lowest tendencies and we had in the last century two world wars where more than 80 million people died (16 million in WWI, 60 million in WWII). And conflicts are still consuming us. In Europe the Roman Catholic Church had a millennial run as the supreme authority and all that came out of it was stagnation of colossal proportions. On the other hand, the Enlightenment in a few decades launched a knowledge revolution whose effects and reach are still felt today.

All Abrahamic organized religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc...) share the Old Testament make-believe narrative and have polarizing and divisive messages: Humanism to appease them all.

My point is isn't it time to take a closer look at the present status of all organized religions? All of them claim lofty ideals and mankind's well-being at their heart but poor or subpar results are the true outcome. Isn't it time instead of promoting ethereal ideals and how to be saved in the next world that we actually consider how to get along here in this world?

How did we get to this mess? Some points: Personally I feel that giving so much credit to the Chosen People's narrative is an insult to and a betrayal of all the preceding and current generations of believers. The Parthenon in Athens, Greece in its mute and simple majesty is holier than all the sacred texts combined and a true statement of mankind's greatness and devotion.

Stop cherry-picking the Bible Old Testament. It is a horrible work of fiction unfit for human consumption. A hateful piece of self-aggrandizing Judaic religious and literary triumphalism.

In the quest for absolute truth, why settle on a work of fiction by late Iron Age hillbillies with a wrathful god demanding human and animal sacrifices?

About thoughts and prayers, Holy Men and other miracle workers I too will become a believer when people who lost limbs or other body parts can miraculously regrow them.

Tongue in cheek: Shouldn't there be a Law of Reciprocity or Equal Opportunity? If the Virgin Mary, the Saints, the Angels and God him/herself seem to appear to common mortals every now and then shouldn't likewise the devil and/or its minions appear to people like Adolf Hitler, Attila the Hun, Pol Pot, Vlad the Impaler, Ezzelino da Romano? How come we don't know about it?

I thought outdoor billboards would make an excellent choice to spread the word and promote Humanism instead.
Billboards will carry only the Old Testament verse number(s) and a suitable comment/question.
It is assumed that people reading the billboard already know the biblical text.

To see all the available billboards, Click here.

A smattering of examples follows:

Billboard # 1:

  God is not Jewish.

  End the tyranny of the Bible.

  Embrace Humanism not irrational beliefs.  

  © EmbraceHumanism.com

Billboard # 2:

  Is Jesus Christ for real?

  As real as the Easter Bunny
and the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, etc...

  • Be informed not a dupe.

  Embrace Humanism not irrational beliefs.  

  What's the problem with Jesus?

  The same as with the Easter Bunny
and the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, etc...

  • Be informed not a dupe.

  Embrace Humanism not irrational beliefs.  

Billboard # 3:

  If Prostitution is the oldest profession
Salvation is the oldest con job.

  Embrace Humanism not irrational beliefs.  

Billboard # 4:

  Genesis 19:24-25
  Exodus 7:14-12:31

  The Ten Plagues of Egypt

  • Is collective punishment ever justified?
  • Is guilt by association ever justified?
  • Is cruelty to children ever justified?

  Embrace Humanism not irrational beliefs.  

Billboard # 5:

  Exodus 29:10-28
  Leviticus 1:1-17

  Should a god demand the sweet smell of burnt offerings?  
  • Are animal sacrifices ever justified?
  • Is cruelty to animals ever justified?

  Embrace Humanism not irrational beliefs.  

Billboard # 10:

  1 Samuel 18:25-27
  • Why randomly kill and desecrate 200 Philistines when 100 would have sufficed?  
  • Are barbarisms, graphic and gratuitous violence ever justified?
  • What's with the Old Testament's fascination with foreskins?

  Embrace Humanism not irrational beliefs.  

Billboard # 11:

  Genesis 3:16
  Genesis 4:17-5:4
  Genesis 12:11-15 and 20:2
  2 Samuel 11:2-4

  Should a god sanction second class status for women?

  • Should women just be there to bear children (male preferably)?
  • Should women just be there so they can be pimped, exploited and/or lusted after?   
  • Should women stay anonymous and/or appear out of nowhere?
  • Should women always be harbingers of troubles?
  • Should women always be perpetrators of bad things?

  Equal rights for women not polygamous patriarchs.

  Embrace Humanism not irrational beliefs.  

Billboard # 7:

  (An Ankh and Isis with Horus juxtaposed to a Madonna and a cross.)
  • Take a closer look.
  • The Bible has many more antecedents older by thousands of years.  
  • Be informed not a dupe.

  Embrace Humanism not irrational beliefs.    

Billboard # 30:

  Why worship the Chosen People's god YHWH and not an Egyptian, Greek or Roman god?
  Why the zombie Jesus and not Osiris, Dionysus, Bacchus, etc... who share the same story line of death and resurrection?  
  • As if the narrative of the Bible were unique and compelling.
  • Take a closer look:
    • The Bible has many more antecedents older by thousands of years.
  • Be informed not a dupe.

  Embrace Humanism not irrational beliefs.  

Billboard # 31:

  The most populous countries in the world: China and India don't believe in the Old Testament narrative.
  If after two millennia of the alleged coming of the zombie Jesus more than half of the people on Earth still haven't
  gotten the message and those who have are in sects, cults or denominations, do the math, what do you think this means?  
  • Be informed not a dupe.

  Embrace Humanism not irrational beliefs.  

Billboard # 32:

  Ask your pastor if a contested Promised Land of Milk and Honey is what a god should give to its Chosen People.  
  Ask your pastor why rejoice in the ethnic cleansing, slaughter and land grab of Canaan.
  Ask your pastor why Jesus and not the antecedent Osiris, Dionysus or Bacchus (the mystery cults).
  • Be informed not a dupe.

  Embrace Humanism not irrational beliefs.  

Billboard # 36:

  Irrational beliefs indoctrination
  happened once.  Sane rationalism can
  happen too.  Evolution is here to stay!

  Embrace Humanism not irrational beliefs.  

I really don't know who is more disingenuous: those who wrote the Bible, those who distribute it or those who believe in it.  Maybe it is all of them.
Moral: The Old Testament is all about land and wealth grabbing and authoritarian rule.
Comments, suggestions and criticism can be made here: Introducing Embrace Humanism.

Click here to see all the available billboards.

At this time I am not affiliated with the American Humanist Association, the American Agnostics or the American Atheists organizations.

Actually Embrace Humanism should become the umbrella vehicle to encompass all of those organizations and attract as well humanists, agnostics, naturalists, secularists, nonbelievers, pacifists, women rights activists, believers in science, environmentalists, iconoclasts, freethinkers, and progressive people.

Going head-to-head with entrenched rigid belief systems would get no traction but pointing out the nonsense and falsehoods in such creeds, pull the rug from under their feet so to speak, may succeed. It is our only hope for a less dogmatic and more pleasant world.

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