This article is for independent thinkers not for those who drank some Kool Aid.

The case against the Bible

My point is to show the Bible for what it really is and how unfit it is to be at the center of world religions.

Only the Old Testament, the Torah, is truly questionable. The New Testament has elements of Humanism albeit the zombie Jesus.

A racist, male-centric work for a tribal god who throws stones from high above on the people it created and likes animal sacrifices and the sweet smell of their burnt carcasses.

A god who gives a promised land to its favorite people that is already inhabited thereby setting up millennial conflicts.

Some favorites of this god, YHWH: Abraham, a cheat and a pimp for his wife Sarah, Moses, a murderer, a fugitive and a polygamist and the shepherd David, who kills a retard with a glandular problem, murderously lusts after someone else's wife and desecrates 200 dead Philistines for their foreskins when 100 (still deplorable) would have sufficed. And this woman, Esther, who asked for another day in order to carry out more revenge killings.

A god who is no more than a Sun god (See Exodus 02:019:021) and clearly a partisan god, Aren't all people its creation to be loved equally?

A god who shows its disdain for mankind by outdoing itself in the 10 Plagues on Egypt. Is the alleged freedom of some Israelites worth more than the many lives of innocent Egyptian children? I have a very deep moral problem with this!

We have idiots who built a Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. forgetting the millions of years of evolution, the Stone and Bronze Ages and jumping ready made into a late Iron Age. And another idiot who built Noah's Ark!

The case against god

The Dog Eat Dog world we live in: Survival of the Fittest : kill in order to eat! : The Pecking Order

God should be the supreme chemist (manna from heaven) and peacemaker not the ultimate butcher and divider.

God, Free Will and the Presence of Good and Evil Trap

Free Will is used by religions to justify the presence of Good and Evil. It is totally a self-serving sophism to call for god existence.

This is spurious because if god really existed it would have to be omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient otherwise it would not be a god but a freak of nature.

The attributes of God by which it perfectly and eternally knows all things which can be known, past, present, and future, its power/abilities to act inside/outside the realm of physics that is like magic and its presence in every place at all times means that god does know about the intentions of its creation and can intervene without breaking the Free Will dictate. Simply by creating parallel universes (which are within its capabilities). God can then place good doers in one and evildoers in the other one without the individual being aware.

Rationally Good and Evil only applies to events in a sentient world. Exit a conscience and moral judgments, it is just the result of infinite possibilities and probabilities, given endless time: what is in the realm of potentials in due time will and does occur, no gods required.

Chew on this for a while.

I don't hate or want to harm the Jews, I am just disgusted with their lies and literary triumphalism in that narrative of theirs.


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